It has been a little over a week and with Sonia’s sister visiting it is time to take Elsa out all on our own (we have been out a number of times but always with some external assistance).

  • Engine check – done
  • Weed hatch check – done
  • Anchor check – done
  • Instrument check – done
  • Rope check – done
  • Crew in place – done
  • Cold sweat check – Yes done

The engine roars into life and Sonia casts us off, as we head out I reach for the bow thruster toggle switch and give her a little nudge so that we miss the large concrete pole in front of us……………………………..nothing happens and panic immediately sets in until I realise that the bow thruster toggle has not been switched on……………….

  • Bow Thruster check – done

We are on our way, we have had people say to us “she must handle so beautifully” let me tell you that it is like driving a large bus with a broken axle 🙂

We find the perfect spot to anchor for the afternoon and down it goes, after about 10 seconds the anchor takes and Elsa digs in, she is not going anywhere, what a beautiful view and amazing company for the rest of the day.

Summer has arrived.