I know it has been a while but life tends to get away from us at the best of times. We have been very busy doing odd boat jobs and having people over since the last post, time has not been on our side.

Our most recent guests have been my brother and sister in law – Marc and Michelle, it has been over a year since we last saw them and its is always a blessing and privilege to have them around.

Marc has always had the ability to make me laugh and this weekend has been no different (I miss that) We started off with a tour of Elsa, followed by lunch in the middle of the Marina and then just for good measure we took Elsa down to pump out 🙂 As we cast off, I asked Marc to push us away from the pontoon while I steered us on our way, A lot of noise and commotion (Like monkeys rattling a cage) and about a minute later my brother comes flying across the door of the wheel house, lands on his back holding Elsa’s stainless steel rail gate in his hands, looking quite perplexed ! Somehow Marc managed to (we still don’t understand what he was doing) pull the rail gate off of its hinges while pushing us off of the pontoon.

Commotion now over and we continue towards our mooring, wind has picked up and the water is now flowing quite fast from right to left, after 5 attempts we managed to get Elsa’s stern in a position where we can nudge her in. Marc’s next job is to ensure that we don’t hit the neighbours boat on the starboard side, as we bring her in we hear some more commotion with an all to familiar sound, again Marc has managed to remove another rail gate (from the opposite side of the boat) and once again he is lying in a horizontal position on the stern of the boat, it must be a comfy spot !!!!! Of course by now the tears are rolling down my face and the laughter can be heard across the channel, only Marc can do these things.

We caught up, we boated, we investigated some of the local villages, we ate, we drank, we reminisced and we laughed. We could not have asked for a better weekend with our amazing family.

This is Mike Delta Charlie Charlie 4 over and out.