Righty, so we have been on board for about 4 days so far and although we have had some challenges and scares we are very happy with our decision.

Challenges you say, what could possibly be challenging ???? the biggest one to date (it has only been 4 days) has been the accidental flooding of our new home.

Our wood burner has a back boiler setup that requires you to switch on a pump before using the system, this is no problem and we were well aware of what needed to be done, put the switch on, get the fire going, wow lovely now enjoy ………. Two hours later, we were sitting in the lounge with our new neighbours and previous owners of Elsa (Jackie and Lawrence) we heard some gurgling / lapping sounds coming from the bow area, everyone assumed we had some geese or ducks messing about in the front of the boat (why would we think anything else), this carried on for some time and I was getting a little curious or was it my spidey senses kicking into motion ?

I headed for the bow and much to my horror found the Niagara Falls flowing in and out of our cupboards, great…..let me just say that we wanted to live on the water not in it…….

Everyone jumped into panic mode realising that the system had boiled over, after a fair while and some much needed help from Lawrence and Jackie we managed to contain the situation and limit the spread of water, so how did this happen ?

Although there is no video proof to be submitted in a court of law, our son came home from college and leaned against the switch panel to remove his shoes (the evidence was found in front of the panel, just saying) and subsequently turned off the pump (This switch will be moved to a new location in haste or we will be using our wood burner as an anchor)

I recall Sonia’s words to me almost a year ago, lets live on a boat she said, it will help with your stress and well being she said 😉

So accidents happen and lessons learnt, what an exciting evening that was.